Aligned sight mod

Question about aligned sight mod.
model with this mod on weapon need to roll dice for hit or its always auto hit ?

I am fairly sure that you still need to hit as always. The advantage is that there is no chance of hitting a friendly model that is in close combat with your target.

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Everyman is correct. Aligned Sights remove the chance of hitting a different model than the target when firing into melee, i.e. no need to roll the red dice to determine which model was hit. You still need to to roll to hit with the attack though. This is the same as Preston Garvey’s Careful ability.

Note the new FAQ explains that models that always hit the intended target when firing into close combat do not get the +2 bonus for firing into melee, as they are firing at a specifc model not the larger mass of the whole melee.


Thank you, James and Everyman :slight_smile: