750 pts Baltic Wastelands Tournament 1'st post updated

Summing up the results of the first St. Petersburg tournament “Baltic Wastes”.

We did it!
The first Fallout Wasteland Warfare tournament in St. Petersburg has taken place! The tournament brought together 10 participants from three Russian cities: St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kaluga. Several spectators also attended the event!

In the battles in the vast Baltic wastelands, three units of the Brotherhood of Steel, two groups of Super Mutants, a division of the Institute, a gang of Raiders, a Mechanist with his robots, a flock of monsters and even a detachment of Zetans came together!
According to the results of the draw, the pairs were distributed as evenly as possible: the guests got the St. Petersburg rivals and not a single faction crossed with its own.
In general, the first round ended as expected, with the exception of a draw between the Supermatants and the Zetans, apparently the little green men gave the thugs a light. Otherwise, more seasoned players won their games and prepared for a clash in the second round for a ticket to the final.
The second round was full of sweat and pain.
Konstantin’s robots demonstrated an unexpected and aggressive game for their opponent (Brotherhood of Steel). Having occupied the center of the table literally in the first round, they showed their tactical superiority and combat power. Unfortunately BoS had nothing to oppose them. As a result, a major victory for the Mechanist and Konstantin’s reaching the final!
The second finalist was chosen in a pair between Sergey Simonov (SM) and Alexey Korzhikov (Institute). I missed the details of their confrontation (since I was a little busy getting pain from the Mechanist), but judging by their faces, the skating rink there was sweaty. One way or another, their confrontation ended in a major victory for the Super Mutants.
Thus, Konstantin Tereshchuk (Robots) and Sergey Simonov (Super Mutants) reached the final.
In the final game, the Super Mutants also could not oppose anything to the “gaining momentum” Mechanist with his hordes of metal fighters, and as a result of a major victory, Konstantin Tereshchuk and his metal soldiers became the champion of the tournament!

As usual, at the end of the tournament the award ceremony took place. Each participant received a unique memento, and the top three winners received valuable and memorable prizes:
First place: Konstantin Tereshchuk Moscow (Robots) - Commemorative Stella of the winner and the official set of search markers!
Second place: Sergey Simonov Moscow. (Super Mutants) - Exclusive glass for storing and throwing dice!
Third place: Alexey Korzhikov Kaluga (Institute) - a set of acrylic rulers with exclusive art!

Also, within the framework of the tournament, a competition was held for the most authentic squad. According to the participants, it turned out to be the Aleksey Korzhikov Institute! For which he was awarded a commemorative prize - a Dice Roll with an exclusive Art!

In conclusion, we would like to thank all the participants and guests of the tournament! And everyone who assisted in organizing and conducting this event!
Separately, we want to thank:
-Sergey (Grey Wolf) channel “I play solo” for the main prize of the tournament! https://vk.com/iplaysolo
-Club “Hobby Station” represented by Konstantin and Denis, for the premises provided for the tournament! https://vk.com/hobby_station
-Channel “The Station” for information support! https://vk.com/thestationffh
-“Forge of Loot” and personally Alexander Loot for creating a prize for the second place - a glass for throwing cubes. https://vk.com/lut_forge
-Shop “Maify” and personally Vadim Lobov for creating a prize for the “Most Authentic Squad” competition - plates for throwing cubes! https://vk.com/maifygroup
-Sonya from the Moscow community, for technical support!
-And also Sergey, his wife Ekaterina, Konstantin, Alexey, for coming and supporting us!
Thanks you! Without you, we would not have succeeded!

You can find a lot of photos from the tournament in the photo album of the tournament at https://vk.com/album-172198515_274320114, and look forward to a video on “The Station” channel in the near future.

I hope that everyone liked it and that future tournaments will gather even more participants, and the level of organization will only become higher.
Be that as it may, the next tournament will definitely take place because War, war never changes …

Some photos from Saint-Petersburg`s 750 pts Battlemod FWW Tournament “Baltic Wastelands” :slight_smile:






forces and armys


and at last…


That is some fantastic stuff! Particularly like the Robot kitbashes. Did you do the Nuka Cola Protectrons as a kit bash, or did you find a model for that somewhere?

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It is protectron + 3d printer nuca-cola box :slight_smile:

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It turned out nice.

Awesome to see, thanks for taking the time to share ot all!

Love the Vault 13 door :smile:

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