750 cups in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Hi Vault Dweller
I am announcing the first tournament in St. Petersburg (Russia) from our colleagues who have not yet joined the Vault Dweller team (although the application was sent at the end of January).
Tournament Referee: Dmitry Kulikov

The tournament will be held on April 25, 2020.

The rules of the tournament.

Goals and objectives of the tournament:

Popularization and development of a tactical game with miniatures Fallout Wastland Warfare on the territory of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Development of the sports component of the game.


The tournament is held for 750 points and consists of three rounds.

According to the results of each round, participants are awarded winning points.

At the end of the tournament, the player with the highest amount of winning points is declared the winner.

Collection and composition of the army:

Each participant registers one faction for the tournament and does not change it during the entire tournament.

The army is assembled according to the “BUILDING YOUR FORCE” rules on page 3 of the Battle mode book, with the following exceptions:

All factions and units are fully available: Food, alcohol, clothing, accessories, normal armor, all mods (armor/power armor, weapons).

The tournament uses the Sideboard rule.

When creating an initial roster, you have a limit of standard points + Sideboard (for example, when playing for 750 points, you collect the initial roster by 1000). After you and your opponent have read each other’s rosters, you are given 5 minutes to secretly collect a gang from the collected roaster for the stated number of points. That is, you must score 750 points from your roster of models. At the same time, you can’t change the upload of models compared to the original roster!

All armies currently available in the game are available.

If you want to play for “Creature”, this can be implemented through the “Creature controller” perk given to the leader of your army. It acts according to the description of the perk-the model changes its faction to “Creature” and then recruits troops from the corresponding faction.

The “Robot” faction is assembled as described in the AUTOMATRON PLAYER RULES.

Unpainted armies are allowed to enter the tournament.

Conversions: all models in the army must match the appearance and spirit of what they display. If, for example, you use converged name characters, your opponent must be warned before the game starts. Power armor is recommended to reflect not only the appropriate base, but also the armor model.

Thumbnails from other systems are not allowed.

Additional rule:

At the request of both players, the Event deck is available.

Each player can choose 1 section of the terrain as radioactive.

We glad to see you!